About Macae

MaCae is modern, innovative, original. The brand is about positive attitude, sharing and showing your passions and opinions in a creative, casual and stylish way. MaCae helps differentiate you.

MaCae is a pioneering line of casual sneakers that transforms the soles of the shoes into works of art. International artists have exclusively created several designs to give you choices to match your style, mood and personality. Developed and handcrafted with artisan care using high quality materials, proprietary transparent soles’ designs to inspire you to have fun, make a statement, share your feelings, hobbies and passions.

Only MaCae’s art in soles concept creates a world of themes, colors and possibilities that will spark your imagination and make your sneakers come to life. In addition, MaCae is engineered to deliver the powerful combination of utilizing top materials to ensure superb comfort. MaCae is an enabler, a unique concept for you to be stylish and have fun with.