Our Name

MaCae loosely translates into "Walk Together". We selected this name to honor our Brazilian heritage, to raise awareness of the history of native tribes that inhabited Brazil prior to the European arrival and to share our belief that no matter your gender, geography, language, religion, social and economic status, we can all "Walk Together" on this planet. 

The origin of the brand name is Tupi Guarani which was the most important language in South America until the Portuguese arrived when about 3 million indigenous people populated Brazil. Many of the current popular words used in Portuguese trace its origins to Tupi Guarani, including Jaguar, Iguacu, Copacabana and Carioca. Many indigenous tribes were nomads. For centuries, natives were basically decimated by European diseases, confrontation and later forced to work as slaves. 

As part of the colonization process natives were forbidden to speak their language which became nearly extinct. Their story reminds us that we must learn the lessons from the past to change the future.  

We celebrate their history and would like to inspire the world to learn about civilizations that were culturally rich, filled with traditions, values and rituals that for thousands of years inhabited Brazil, the Americas and many other countries. We can learn from them and how they lived in harmony with the planet. 

Let’s Walk Together. Show your Soul!