Why Macae

Have you ever felt an urge to disconnect? To go back to basics, not to be boxed or labeled but to be in touch with your inner self and feel comfortable in your own skin?  To enjoy the simple things in life, to hug and kiss, to feel grounded? To touch the earth, take time to walk without a destination and have fun with your friends?

MaCae is…

  • A call to chill: It invites you to disengage, relax, enjoy life, have fun.
  • A new concept: It enables you to explore, open your heart, to be you.
  • Borderless: It allows you to share your opinions, break boundaries. 
  • Personal:  It drives uniqueness and sparks your creativity.
  • Stylish: It is casual chic. It is for every occasion in all locations.
  • Timeless: It defies age, identity, and time.

Make your voice be heard. Set your path. Leave a mark.

Give yourself a break, express yourself, put your feet up and Show your Soul!