About the Founders

We are a Brazilian couple - Gabi, from Porto Alegre, south of Brazil, a proud gaucha, who enjoys a good churrasco, travelling, photography and sharing a glass of wine with friends and family. Gio, of Italian heritage, born and raised by the beach, in Rio de Janeiro, passionate about sports like surf, tennis and martial arts, a car and motorcycle enthusiast who enjoys spending time with friends. We met while getting our master’s degree in the US years ago and since then have been globetrotters living and working for world class companies in multiple countries.  

We are curious and love to learn. In our travels, we met amazing people, shared awesome experiences and have been exposed to many cultures, rituals and traditions. Everything had an impact on our lifestyle choices.  We have expanded our love for fashion and appreciate the opportunity to dress for the occasion, either in formal attire or in casual clothes. We have tried many local and global brands and believe there is room to do things differently, to innovate and increase choices in the market.

We now live in the US where we have a lively household with four kids, one girl and three boys, and two lovely dogs. Yeah, each day is an adventure!