Sneakers are now staples of everyday street and business fashion and athleisure is here to stay. People appreciate wearing products that are stylish, comfortable, and yet different. We want to see our individuality acknowledged and respected. Brands reflect our values and are an extension of our personality - what you wear communicates something about you.

Our family has a passion for sneakers and after years trying a wide variety of them, we felt that many lacked the quality we expected and most importantly, the comfort, especially if worn without socks. Trust us, with four kids and ourselves, we have tested a large variety of brands and styles! Now we capitalize on our global expertise, accumulated experience and passion for footwear to launch MaCae.

We wanted to develop a footwear brand that gave us the opportunity to be our true selves, to express our voice, share our passions, be different and personal, to tease, be discerning in what you feel like expressing each day.

To bring MaCae to life, we partnered with a strong global team of footwear experts. Together, we are committed to explore new avenues, to innovate and be creative. The team’s motivation is to help others match their uniqueness, passion, values, hobbies with their brand of choice in a fun and original way.

This commitment to be game-changers and enablers is MaCae. We aspire to motivate other consumers who like us appreciate a timeless, comfortable, high-quality product, that is innovative, respects individuality and enables everyone to be stylish, unique and genuine.